Sky Manor Airport (N40) – Pittstown, NJ

This weekend I flew to Sky Manor Airport (N40) in Pittstown, NJ. Sky Manor is a well-maintained, pilot-owned airport with friendly people and a great restaurant on the field.

The Sky Cafe at Sky Manor Airport is a fantastic restaurant that offers both breakfast and lunch six days a week (they are closed on Mondays). They have plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors, but plan on coming out early on the weekends as it is a very popular spot.

The airport is easy to fly into and is located 22 nautical miles east of the Lehigh Valley International Airport in Allentown, PA.

Self-serve fuel is offered and it is generally some of the least expensive fuel available in the Allentown/Philadelphia/New York area.

In addition to a great restaurant and cheap fuel, there is also a well regarded avionics shop on the field. So, be sure to stop by and visit Sky Manor Airport the next time you are in the area. For more information on Sky Manor Airport, visit their website at:

The video below details my short flight from Allentown, PA (KABE) to Sky Manor Airport in the Bonanza.